Fear & Delight

Strut & Fret Production House (AUS) / Queensland Premiere

Schemed and conceived by the award-winning makers of LIMBO and Cantina, here is a new world of visual and edible wonderment.

Cult UK artists, The Correspondents, join an elite international cast performing incredible physical feats alongside heart-racing spectacle, all set to adrenalin-inducing, jazz-infused electro. Allow yourself to be taken on a wild journey far outside the realms of reality.

The things that first make us fearful are often the things that finally give us delight. So get ready to shed your inhibitions.

"Blows your mind into a thousand pieces and then attempts to glue it back together again.” (The Music)

This decadent show “dares you to immerse yourself in the unknown.” (Aspire)

And who knows what will happen after the show? Stay for the after-party and sample the Fear & Delight of courageous cocktails and delicious drinks. Blood shots anyone?

“This show will suck you in and keep you for as long as you can last.” (Heckler)

Are you truly adventurous? Want a magic meal before the show?

Then add THE DEVIL’S BANQUET to your ticket for a full, eye-opening gastronomic and theatrical escapade. The Fear & Delight arena opens early to a select few for a decadent feast complete with artisan wines and unexpected experiences, with seats so close to the show it’s dangerous. Just stay in your dinner spot to lap up the show. Spaces are very limited.

A breathtaking show, or the show with a unique food experience to kick you off?